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artur jurkowski

My name is Artur Jurkowski. I have higher technical education (energetics), which does not bother me constantly deal with photography for a dozen or so years. The first conscious action associated with this form of image recording took place certain summer morning in the bosom of nature. That one and another meetings with the nature formed my point of view on world and sensitized me for constant searching for exceptional pictures painted by the light.

I do not avoid the continuous education and acquiring knowledge supported by practice in other fields such as meteorology and geography. I use gained experience for the realization of new projects. I am a member of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers.

At certain moment in my life I discovered the possibility of using bicycle as a very efficient means of transport. In this way, organizing bicycle tours, as well as backpack trips, I visited dozens of countries, and see there a lot of unusual places and meet inspiring people. My camera accompanied me during each of these travels, so that I can share with you the emotion contained in each of taken images.

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