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obraz w salonie

I encourage you to purchase the photographs that I present on my website. As a product, you will receive a tangible object – photographic printout in the frame.

Modern screens or displays offer different quality image reproduction. We do not have the guarantee that watching the photographs we see them in such a way that the photographer had in mind. Offering photographs in the classical form of presentation, both of us are sure that we understand each another without electronic intermediaries, and my intentions and efforts on the preparation of individual scenes convinces with full force.

To print a photographs I use the best papers having archival properties. Prints are made by the best professionals, and photographs exposition under the right conditions allows to keep their high visual parameters for more than 100 years. Watching such prepared photographs will delight, allowing to feel the emotions associated with the scene.

Information concerning printouts orders can be found in the tab +’order photo’ in the CONTACT section.

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