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Below I placed summaries of each of my travels. If you are interested in topics presented here, I recommend you follow the website and subscribe our newsletter, which you will find in the top right corner of START section.

Georgia 2012
An autumn bicycle travel to unique places in Georgia during the parliamentary elections. In brief: snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus, many adventures and meeting extraordinary people. Read more… (participants: Gosia, Artur)

Gruzja 2012

Norway 2012
Spring bike travel to Norway. The picturesque fjords, nature waking up after winter and countless uphill roads. (participants: Gosia, Paulina, Artur, Paweł, Mateusz)

Norwegia 2012

Balkans 2010
Bicycle expedition to countries of the former Yugoslavia. Idyllic landscapes and the possibility of tasting unusual dishes amongst minefields. (participants: Gosia, Artur)

Bałkany 2010

Morocco 2010
Country of Maghreb – close, but still so different from European traditions. Unusual taste experiences, brilliant views and colors for long swirled in our heads. (participants: Gosia, Artur, Michał)

Maroko 2010

Iceland 2009
Magic bicycle travel. Silence, distant horizon, lunar landscapes, fight with the elements and rely on the mercy of nature. Landscape for the soul. (participants: Gosia, Artur)

Islandia 2009

Iran 2008
An unusual shot of inspiration. Full of emotions and excitement trip with backpacks. Getting to know the unknown, and worship of the ordinary people as Persians are along with their beautiful country. (participants: Gosia, Artur, Tomek)

Iran 2007

Turkey 2007
Bicycle trip to Turkey helped refute many stereotypes, and belief in our own abilities helped get really far. The dramatic twists and a lot of amazing adventures. (participants: Gosia, Kasia, Artur Marcin, Paweł)

Turcja 2007

Alps 2006
Bicycle trip to Croatia through the Austrian Alps. For the first time I felt the taste of long uphill roads, followed by the capture of satisfaction remained to this day! (participants: Artur, Jakub, Krzysztof)

Chorwacja 2006

Poland 2005/2004
Bike travel through the south Poland and across the Polish eastern border with the ride to Łeba river at the Polish coast. It was the first major test of my personality. The first lessons turned out to be extremely valuable, they opened my mind for further ideas. (participants: Artur, Jakub)

Polska 2004/2005